Devon Salvatore \\ forever stuck at 24. Vampire. Some say I'm a psycho killer. Older sister to Stefan Salvatore. Everyone gets a happy ending, everyone except me.

I'm no s a v i o r.
But I d i e d as one.

;;indie fem!damon salvatore rp // mun over 21+


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i need to stop just gazing longingly at some of my mutuals and actually rp with them

i wonder does asa butterfield make a good odd thomas because anton doesn’t have any friggin icons and i am too lazy to make any agkggljgkj

                                     I can’t recall the last time
                                                               Someone asked me how I was

             Last I checked
I was a f/u/c/k/i/n/g wreck

                                                                   I called for help
                                                                        and no one ] showed

xindomitam i am a dragon
we dragons are not cute you stahp it

im not cute
im a mean dragon from the underworld FEAR ME GODDAMNIT

What’s going on with Stefan? How is he dealing with Damon not being there?
It’s funny, over the hiatus I was talking to Julie Plec and said, “What’s Stefan doing?” And she’s like, “Well he’s searching for his brother.” And I was like, “No, he’s not! He’s cut himself off and he’s left town.” She was like, “I really like that.” So, she wrote this really interesting take on Stefan. He’s decided to shut off his emotions and you think he’s searching for his brother but he’s really just lying to everyone. He’s started his own life. He wants nothing to do with anyone, he’s done.
- Paul Wesley (x)

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silver-argents replied:

2. One muse is rich and attends a private school, other is poor and gets in with a scholarship.

Allison walked through the school doors, it was her first day there, and she didn’t know anyone. Looking around Allison could see that she at the very least fit in at first glance, she had the same uniform and books, but after a moment of talking they’d find out she was a scholarship kid, that she was poor. She wasn’t looking forward to that, to another school of students shunning her because she didn’t have the money they did, but her parents wanted her to attend the best school possible, and with her test scores and grades, she was allowed scholarship admittance to many prestigious schools. Finally finding her locker, Allison stopped to put in her code and put away her cheap dingy backpack.


Allison glanced around after she got her backpack put away, hopefully she would blend in more now since her uniform and binder weren’t so different from everyone else’s. When she turned back to go to her first class there was a brunette standing right next to her, and she jumped a little at the unexpected proximity. “Oh hi! Uh yeah. This is my first day.” She was really hoping that this girl wouldn’t be like so many of the others at her previous school that would give her shit or insult her because she came from a poor family.

Usually Devon would get a some weird sense of joy by someone jumping away from her, — granted she still kind of does but that’s only to the other students that knows who she is around here and who also know to not mess with her. But that’s another story. “Don’t worry - Although I am a bitch, I’m not one of those bitches — anymore.” Devon pointed out, knowing that the other girl may be a bit wary of her, “I’m Devon and since you’re new here I’ll help you out so you won’t be feeling loss, plus no one will both you because I’m with you.”

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