Devon Salvatore \\ forever stuck at 24. Vampire. Some say I'm a psycho killer. Older sister to Stefan Salvatore. Everyone gets a happy ending, everyone except me.

I'm no s a v i o r.
But I d i e d as one.

;;indie fem!damon salvatore rp // mun over 21+


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brothergilbert replied to your post::X
"Wha—I—it…I’m not /small/."

                  “I’ve been told  that  before -
                   then discover that they’re
                   smaller than Elena’s sex toys.’

sweet-singinglittleredbird: "You lied to me." (I missed you lots)

this meme right here

               ’I lie to everyone.’

brothergilbert: :X

Send me a :X and my character will blurt out the first thing on their mind when they see your character.

                  ‘How big is your dick?’



"And here I thought it was your reason for existing."

            ‘It’s one of my reasons for existing.’

salvatorebastard: "Mind if I sleep here tonight?" FOR LIL ASHER CAUSE HE NEEDS HIS MOMMY

this meme right here

               [ this is what happens when you spoil
            your son, devon ]

                  ‘You’re so lucky you’re adorable -
                   come on and get in the bed.’

wolfskiinned replied to your post
we have so much in common bianca

hence why i will love you 5evaaaaah


finding a new favorite character like


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In the process of fixing up my verses, which means I'll have to make graphics for them -- which means I have to stop being a lazy shit and get to it.
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I owe starters to a few of you and a few -- everything to other people so if you're on this page and I owe you a starter or anything pls message me because not only am I forgetful, my notifications are just plain rude.
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Also if I ever disappear again - blame these things: My xbox 360, photoshop, this rpg i'm in, also me and me getting muses for other people and making indies for them
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